But, the girls say on Friday night, Moores took it

Local radio DJ released from jail

Police then arrested Moores for failing to register as a sex offender, and for being a sex offender photographing minors without their parents’ consent.

Moores was also arrested on August 27 for disorderly conduct after high school volleyball players complained that he was videotaping them changing out of their jerseys after a tournament game at UW Stout.

“In my experience, I don’t recall an instance where a person who was released on a no issue circumstance later was charged based on facts that were simply the facts known at the time,” Hertel said.

## ## Eau Claire Schools Superintendent Doctor Ron Heilmann says police have not contacted him about Moores.

Chief Deputy Larsen says investigators found pictures of the North dance team at Moores’ apartment, and linked him to an incident where someone reportedly shot video of Memorial’s dance team.

We stopped at Moores’ apartment Monday afternoon, but nobody answered the door.

UW Stout Police Chief Lisa Walter says neither the Eau Claire County District Attorney nor the Dunn County District Attorney has contacted her regarding further investigation there.

49 year old Bruce Moores, who’s known as “Ray Moores” on WAXX 104.5, was arrested after police executed a search warrant at his Eau Claire apartment Friday morning.

Moores was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender and for being a sex offender photographing minors without their parents’ consent. Both are felonies.

Eau Claire police say the arrest was the result of an investigation starting at a high school volleyball tourney.

“He was arrested recently over at UW Stout and since that time we have been doing some follow up investigation with Department of Corrections and UW Stout Police which lead to the search warrant and his arrest this morning,” says Eau Claire Deputy Police Chief Eric Larsen.

Larsen says investigators found pictures taken this July of girls on the North High School dance team.

They also linked him to a May 2008 case at Memorial High School. Larsen says someone reported an unidentified man shooting video of the dance team there.

Most recently, high school volleyball players say they felt uncomfortable when they realized Moores was recording them changing out of their jerseys after a tournament game at Stout. A coach called police. Moores was arrested for disorderly conduct.

A UW Stout Police report says the video showed close up shots of the back sides, groins, and chest areas of girls in the Stout Field House. The report says Moores asked girls at the tournament if they wanted to be in a newspaper in Dunn County.

“I cannot comment on what was recovered; a lot is still in digital format so we have to do a forensic exam of the computers,” Larsen says of what was seized from Moore’s apartment.

The UW Stout police chief says Moores served prison time after being convicted of sexual assault of a child by a person in a position of trust in Colorado in 1992.

An Eau Claire police report obtained by WEAU 13 News shows Moores was ticketed for trespassing in Eau Claire in June. The report says a security guard found him and an 18 year old woman engaged in a sex act in a vacant office at Banbury Place.

Moores remains in the Eau Claire Jail as of Friday night. He’s scheduled to be in court on Monday.

Eau Claire Superintendent Dr. Ron Heillmann told WEAU he was unaware of the incidents. He says he’ll work with police as well as students and parents to move forward.

George Roberts at Maverick Media said last week Moores is on administrative leave. He had no comment on Friday.

Moores has also appeared on WEAU in the past. He will not be on the air while the investigation continues.


WEAU talked to a couple of the players, who we are not identifying. They told us they had noticed Moores around with his video camera, but he told them he was with the media.

The high school volleyball players say they’re used being videotaped while they play. But, the girls say on Friday night, Moores took it too far.

“We saw the camera and we were just kind of like why is it directly on us? He had a hand camera and he was like scanning it over us and one of our teammates told our coach. As soon as the coach looked at him he took the camera and put it down and then he walked away,” the girls say.

The same algae can be used to make vitamins and

LSU professor creates biodegradable Mardi Gras beads

LSU Biological Sciences Professor Dr. Naohiro Kato has come up with an innovative way to make biodegradable Mardi Gras beads. Kato says it happened really by accident three years ago when one of his graduate students forgot to place a lab experiment of algae in the refrigerator overnight. Kato noticed the algae making oils, which he thought could be used to make the biodegradable beads. The bio plastic blend will eventually disintegrate in the soil.

## ## For years Kato and friends in New Orleans had talked about ways to make Mardi Gras more green and thought this could be the solution.

Dr. Kato showed us a regular bead and the bead he has produced and they’re virtually identical. The major difference is cost. The biodegradable beads cost up to 3 to 10 times more to make than the cheaper beads. He’s also made doubloons.

“The question I always get is how much can I make. And my answer is zero. Because again the Mardi Gras beads that are causing the problem is the least expensive ones. According to my calculation about five cents for each strand,” explained Kato.

Kato is already looking at ways to make the process affordable. In order to compete, he proposes growing the microalgae on a large scale. The same algae can be used to make vitamins and supplements for the nutriceutical industry, which is in demand and highly profitable. While the majority of the biomass will be used for the nutriceutical venture, the excess leftover used to produce the biodegradable beads.

To make it work they need to grow the microalgae in a pond the size of a football field, which shouldn’t be that hard to come by in Louisiana. He expects it to take three years and says it’s a step in the right direction.

“Louisiana is one of the best places to grow microalgae because of the warm weather, water rich area,” said Kato. “So we need to test it step by step to make sure the algae can grow in the pond. We know it can be done because in California, Hawaii, Japan, Israel people are growing algae for their businesses on that scale. But no one down here is doing it in this area.”

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